Ian Szydlowski – Alvarez
Jivamukti Advanced Certified

Ian is the Teacher Program Director and Co-Founder at Jivamukti Yoga Paris.

He aims to inspire and serve others by offering an integrated practice and experience of Yoga, as he learned it from his teachers. To Ian, yoga practice is not only a means to achieve liberation but also an embodiment of liberation itself, as taught in the vibrant tradition of Jivamukti Yoga. He is passionate about practicing and teaching Jivamukti. For many years, he attended classes as a student at the center in New York, and this daily ritual enriched his life to such an extent that he is eager to share this love with others. Ian is grateful to all his teachers and mentors over the years, particularly Rima Rabbath, whose dedication and service inspired him to follow this path to the best of his ability.

Ian believes that yoga can be a tool to help us become more receptive and nourish our highest potential. According to him, yoga asanas not only transform the physical body and promote radiant health, but working with the other limbs of Yoga can purify our subtlest form and prepare us to be better vessels, better servants, and allow us to shine like light, as the Buddha said.